The Everday Prince’s travel guide

Rapunzel (2013 Edition)

From the Forest to the Enchanted Castle on a shoestring

Mesmerising, delightful and impossibly unpredictable – with its ancient traditions, supernatural fauna and innumerable castles, Rapunzel’s Forest is all this and more. Once the exclusive playground of wealthy heirs and hapless heroines, the Forest has relaxed its restrictive narrative conventions in recent years, attracting travelling royals and assertive maidens of all persuasions. The real adventure however, lies in the Enchanted Castle and, of course, its most famous resident, Rapunzel. Continue reading “The Everday Prince’s travel guide”

Across the border

It is not simple line on a map, or a fence that pinches against our wispy plains like a monk’s belt.

No, our border is a wall: as high and thick as a mountain. It strangles, silences, mutes the cracks of truncheon on bone. No one knows what lays beyond; only that the clouds and birds that pass over head fly somewhere, and we cannot. Continue reading “Across the border”

The way to Oma’s

The only way to get to Oma’s is to head west for two hours on the number 51 bus. Unless that is, you have a car. But junkies don’t own cars.

Rose descended into a street of broken lamps and boarded windows. A sheet of rain whipped against her face. She shrunk inside her red hoodie and stomped along the cracked footpath. This is the last time, I swear it. It was always the last time: last week was the last time, and the week before; but when the trust money came through each month, it drained her memory of promises like a borax flush, and somehow, ‘last’ always became ‘next’. Continue reading “The way to Oma’s”

The dinner party

The residence of Senator Salient Point sat neatly on stratosphere 180 in the Statement, which, in purely numerical terms was the exact centre.

Any higher and you were running with classes at various stages of sublimation; lower, and you were crawling back into the mire of human origin. The Senator was too intelligent to allow himself into the former and had worked too hard to be comfortable in the latter: he preferred to stay as close to the central governing structure as possible, where it was still agreeable to temporarily shift up and down when necessary. Continue reading “The dinner party”

Fighting bears with friends

Quivering on the horizon between the two sinking Suns of Gemorn Da, the rock tower of Shabbath Dak cast a mocking gaze over a vast plain of red sand.

Arjuna and IronSpleen, two warriors of the clan ‘Atomic Cthulhu’ had just slain an elder thunder bear and were now standing over its huge carcass. The battle had cost them much energy and without further supplies there was little chance they would make it to the oasis that day as planned. Arjuna sheathed his sword and sighed. “That was harder than I expected.”

“Sorry.” Continue reading “Fighting bears with friends”