With your index finger still trembling

over the mouse, or hovering over a  brightly lit screen, you pause to wonder if the time you’re about to invest reading yet another ‘About page’ will reward you with something interesting.

Last of the short snorkelers
Last of the short snorkelers

Or will it be just another solipsistic voice echoing down the already overcrowded fibre-optic parliament, shouting,”Me! Look at me in my digital trousers!”?

You might skim over this paragraph, or skip it entirely, preferring to put your trust in the authoritative bolds and emphatic slants, that rise above the hum like the brays of narcissists at a gallery cocktail party.

The information becomes less important than the warmth of the machine on your lap, or the whir of the metal box sitting obediently by your feet, both of which will remain long after the impression of reading this page fades.

Just as your concentration is about to slip

into the snapping chasm of irrelevance

a roar emerges

and tells you that,

this site is a showcase of illustrated articles, short stories and poems published at random places and times for desultory motives. Together with news, review, links to short stories, competitions and the submission pages of various journals, my modest goals are to be everything to everyone while not caring anything about anyone.

The author will tell you

that he is Ramon James – a writer, illustrator, lover of short stories and other fiction, and occasional web nerd from Australia living in Barcelona, AmsterdamBerlin, London, Melbourne, a small beach town somewhere.

He wrote one book, and is currently working on a second novel.


At this point you might want to

know more in the intimate surroundings of your inbox,

read some more,

or simply join the conga line of twittering geniuses.

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