Hiss “How?” through your teeth


Hiss How? through your teeth

Hissing at people is generally considered rude. But it’s easy and fun to do since there are so many words in the English language that contain the letter S. Just imagine if we were snakes: we’d be doing it all the time!

There are unfortunately some words which we can’t hiss. Mammary is one of them. So is lullaby, Rocky Balboa, who farted? and crack cocaine. Anyone on the end of a good hissing will ignore this and prefer to concentrate on those well-prolonged Ss in order to judge whether you are doing it right.

So long as you choose words with this syllable at all.

Ask any first year student of Mandarin and you will realise that there are some sounds which are quite difficult for our mouths to produce. Hissing an aspirated H is one of them.

But, blasting all that we know about phonetics out of the linguistics rule book, Bella pulls it off when she hisses the question “How?”. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, she did it “through her teeth”.

Careful, Bella: the snakes might get envioussssssssss.

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