Clench your teeth “together” – Lessons in Tautology

Clench your teeth 'together'
Clench your teeth 'together'
Clench your teeth ‘together’

Bella and Jacob find themselves clenching their teeth a lot in Eclipse. On one particular page they even do it together – not in the “let’s play in Grandma’s cabbage patch and dig a grave together”, rather their teeth come together while clenching.

According to most dental professionals, such exaggerated clenching is stress-related. Stress also leads to burn out, rickets and the Ebola virus. Admittedly, being caught in a torrid love triangle with a werewolf and a vampire, or discovering that you can grow a full, lush coat of fur before you even have pubic hair can be a stressful time in the life of a young person.

We just hope it doesn’t lead to case of chronic teeth grinding. Weary jaw muscles reduce the ability to communicate coherently and of course, no-one wants to be browsing the aisles of the denture shop before one reaches 29.

The challenge to those experiencing similar problems is simple: can you not clench your teeth together?

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